Saturday, March 12, 2011

7 Day Italian Challenge

So, tomorrow I will start a 7 day challenge to learn and to increase my Italian skills because although I had been able to reach a pretty okay level in Italian before, I'm afraid that I have lost all of that ability because I have not used the language for many months. I want to be able to read and write in Italian like I can in Spanish and/or Malay right not: not perfect but decent enough.

Why 7 days? Because it's spring break right now for me! I have a whole week of no classes so I can immerse myself in Italian for almost the whole day. I could have started yesterday but I'm using the weekend before to gather some materials.

The Plan:

-Surround myself with as much Italian as possible.
-Review flashcards daily while watching tv in Italian.
-Spanish: Allow myself to watch one episode of a Spanish telenovela a day, and to read as much of a book (not the internet) as I want.
-Malay: Allow myself to watch one episode of a drama a day.
-Japanese: 30 minutes of studying a day (I need to keep up with this), and one drama episode a day if desired.
-Mongolian: Occasionally review flashcards, but don't add any new material.


7 days from March 13 to March 19

I will be updating this blog with resources, grammar notes and anything else I find useful as I am learning.

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